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Dooley & Rostron’s Online Visibility Takes Off with Data Mastery

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This SEO case study proves we deliver results.
Dooley & Rostron offers made-to-measure suits, shirts, and wedding suits. They also offer tailoring services. Some of their unique selling points are that they use the finest fabrics, have a team of experienced tailors, and offer various customization options. They offer great services in one place that stands out, but their online visibility is teeming with millions of active websites that do not stand out.
Dooley & Rostron has great products like suits, shirts, wedding clothes, and services like expert tailoring, handmade suits, and more, but their website wasn’t getting enough attention. It was like a nice suit hiding in a closet! To get more customers and show off their amazing services, they really needed an SEO strategy and a good plan to be found online.
Their dilemma was that despite offering exceptional services, including made-to-measure suits, shirts, wedding attire, and expert tailoring, their online presence remains invisible to most potential customers. They are waiting to be discovered by those seeking bespoke tailoring services.
Here entered Hotbit Digital, the best firm for all their digital needs. We crafted a tailored roadmap for Dooley & Rostron to help their business achieve its goals.

Potential SEO Problems in Dooley & Rostron

Our initial steps for every client start with an in-depth Audit with competitor analysis to find out the potential SEO problems and organic competitors to find out their weaknesses and how to beat them.
The main problem with this website was that the keywords seemed limited, focusing mainly on brand terms and high-competition generic keywords and not targeting long-tail keywords specific to Dooley & Rostron’s niche services and target audience.
Second, many pages were missing or had poorly optimized title tags and meta descriptions, limiting click-through rates from search results, and the Headings and image alt text often lacked relevant keywords, impacting search engine understanding of page content.
Third, the initial mobile page speed was below average, potentially leading to user frustration and a loss of conversions. This slowness was partly due to images not properly optimized for the web.
Fourth, the website lacked links from other websites, especially important ones in the fashion and luxury tailoring industry. This was probably hurting its ranking in search results.
Fifth, broken links and inconsistent connections within the website made it difficult for users to navigate and search engines to find its content.
Sixth, the blog posts were not posted often enough and didn’t focus on the words people are searching for or what they want to know.

How We Boost SEO With This Plan

At Hotbit Digital we have helped businesses with their online marketing for years.
We carefully planned a strategy to improve Dooley and Rostron search ranking. This included finding the right keywords, making their website better, fixing technical issues, and getting more links to their site.
First, we performed the keyword research for this website for each service and product and optimized it with the location, county, and city that Dooley and Rostron wanted to target. Also we used the long tail keywords throughout the content, meta title, description, and headings.
Second, many pages were missing descriptions or had unoptimized descriptions. We fixed this by adding clear, short descriptions with relevant keywords. We wrote them in a way that will make people want to click on the search results. We also added descriptions to the pictures, making them easier to find and understand.
Third, the website wasn’t loading fast enough on mobile phones, so we fixed this by optimizing the images, javascript and css. This makes the website load faster.
Fourth, the website needed more links from other websites, especially those in the fashion and luxury tailoring industry. We added high-quality links from relevant websites, like those offering services similar to Dooley & Rostron. This helped the website rank higher for keywords related to its industry and made it more trusted.
Fifth, we fixed broken links by checking all website links and removing those causing 404, 301, 302, or 501 errors.
Before we started working with Dooley & Rostron, their blog was largely inactive. But we knew the power of fresh content, so we developed a plan to publish a brand new blog post every week! We didn’t just write about anything, though. We researched relevant keywords and crafted each post to answer questions people were actually searching for.

The Results After the SEO Plan

With passion and effort from the Hotbit Digital team, we transformed the Dooley & Rostron website from a hidden gem into a search engine star.
The results are evident.
Securing high-quality links from other fashion and luxury tailoring websites enhanced Dooley & Rostron’s online trustworthiness. This elevation in credibility improved their search result ranking, making the website more accessible and attracting a larger customer base.
After implementing a customized SEO roadmap for Dooley & Rostron, we targeted a total of 200 keywords. Out of these, 198 keywords achieved first-page rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), while the remaining keywords secured positions on the second page.
Over the years, we have witnessed a substantial increase in organic traffic, direct traffic, and clicks. Organic traffic surged by 147%, and direct traffic experienced a remarkable rise of 294.47%.

From a Hidden Gem to a Search Engine Star

Imagine your business, once concealed online, emerging as the foremost search result. This is the magic of SEO! Teaming up with Dooley & Rostron, we employed strategic keywords, optimized their website, and fostered online connections to enhance visibility. As a result, they now enjoy increased visitors, engagement, and a robust online presence.
At Hotbit Digital, we firmly believe that every business deserves such success. Don’t let potential customers slip away due to your website being hidden. Reach out to us today and unleash your full potential online! Together, we will craft your unique SEO success story.